• Hindi Is Strengthening Indo-Israel Relations Even As Indians Flirt With English!

    (First published in Northern India Patrika, October 11, 2014)

    Last month Aavratan, a reputed research journal, organized a seminar in coordination with Deen Dayal Upadhyay University situated in Gorakhpur. This Gorakhpur based research journal in the past has published excellent papers revealing lesser known facets of critical issues. The seminar was dedicated to promotion of Hindi- the official language of India. The star attraction of the event was the presidential speech by Dr. Genadi Shlomper, who happened to be Hindi Instructor at East Asia Department, Tel Aviv University, Israel. It was a pretty interesting experience to hear from Dr.Genadi about his involvement with Hindi during formative years of his career. It was evident from his speech that even if Hindi has failed to emerge as national language of India, it has emerged as an International language like its counterpart Spanish and English.

    His insights proved to be an eye-opener for huge crowd which had gathered there to listen a foreign visitor throwing light on worth of dealing in Hindi! After all, despite constitutional obligations Hindi has failed to get status of national language. Even in routine life of an average Indian enjoying upper middle class stature Hindi enjoys position of illegitimate wife! Indians have beaten Englishmen in exhibiting their love for Victorian ideals and, of course, for English. Besides Dr. Genady, listeners also had a wonderful opportunity to hear Israeli students pursuing Hindi language course at Tel Aviv University. Offir Mizrahi, Tal Gorsky, Matan Massika, Yakir Dahari, Alexandra Fer and Adi Fischer who were visiting various parts of India to understand the essence of Hindi in more refined manner had so many interesting tales to narrate regarding their experiences which they gathered during their current visit.

    Dr Genady Shlomper, who is credited with introducing Hindi in Israeli Universities, loves to visit India so as to enable his students have first-hand-experience of Indian culture. That in his eyes would make his students grasp the intricacies associated with Hindi language in a better way. Informing about the curriculum associated with Hindi he said that at initial stages more stress is laid on making students familiar with script and grammar rules. The students who wish to pursue Hindi more seriously can get enrolled in third year of three-year graduation course. At this stage it needs to be informed that a student has to learn at least one Asian language as one of the subjects in first two years. However, he made it clear that government does not get involved in framing the curriculum. Above all, the students who wish to learn languages are primarily guided by career concerns instead of being charmed by the intrinsic beauty of ay language. Interestingly, Hindi is easy to grasp but once Israeli students become face-to-face with grammar the enthusiasm gets a big jolt!

    Dr. Genady, who got fascinated with Hindi since Tashkent days, said Universities in Russia in those days had no course specifically meant for Hindi learning. However, Urdu was being taught as one of the languages. He had no other option left other than to select Urdu. In those days there were also no books for learning these languages and students had to rely on lectures delivered by Professors in class. Finally, during one of his visits to India he managed to get hold of books related with Hindi. One of the reason he selected Hindi was that in eyes of his mentors it provided greater opportunity for career growth. Even in our times as India is on the verge of emerging economic superpower, learning Hindi widens the scope of landing your dream job. More and more foreign companies are entering in Indian markets to promote their brands. That means increased role of translators in the grand scheme of things primarily controlled by Capitalism!

    Dr Genady finally moved to Israel from Russia to ensure a better future for himself. Ironically, students accompanying Dr. Genady had some bitter truths to share pertaining to materialistic world in the process of unfolding their love for Hindi. Yakir Dahari, a die-hard fan of Hindi movies, hit hard at the prevalent corruption in Israel. Citing India’s war against corruption, led by Anna Hazare, Yakir informed that youths in Israel have also waged a war against corrupt institutions, which had resulted in ouster of influential people from public domain. Adi Fisher, a married Israeli student, says that living a decent life has become a herculean task. She has delayed the birth of child so as to ensure better days! In fact, costly living standards have forced the youths to share the home built by their parents since owning a separate house in limited income is virtually impossible. In lighter vein, Alexandara’s sweet gestures on Bollywood numbers along with other Israeli students gave clue about the rocking presence of Indian movies in distant lands! It was an unique experience to see them singing a gem from classic era: Babuji Dheere Chalna Pyar Mein Zara Sambhalana!

    Israel continues to inspire Indians in one more way. Its aggressive stance against countries trying to sabotage its sovereignty appeals a lot to sentiments of Indian people who wish India to adopt similar line of action. Dr. Genady had to face barrage of questions in this regard much against his desire to be above controversial issues. He was interested in being seen as a professor involved in promotion of Hindi instead of being seen as a political analyst. He cleverly avoided all such disturbing questions but not without mentioning that not all Israelis agree with tough stand of Israel government against enemy nations. There are serious differences making it clear that opinion of people differ from the ones who rule the government. Whatever be the truth, Indian students who had gathered to interact with Dr. Genady were keen to know from him the elements that have gone into the making of an average Israeli committed to defend Israel at any cost! The questions from students give a clue about it. One student asked: Are students trained that way from the beginning? Another asked: Is the curriculum framed that way which ensures the rise of ferocious nationalists?

    Dr. Genady is convinced that Hindi is going to strengthen its impact in coming days. It’s going to make its presence felt in a big way in International arena. What he does not realize that in India it’s losing its charm. Newer distortions like “Hinglish” and mindless aping of global values have made Hindi attain an object of ridicule in fast-growing middle class. It’s really unfortunate that Indians feel more pride in speaking wrong English than speaking flawless standard Hindi. That’s the reason why speaking courses in English are hot favourite among Indian students. It’s amazing that even after so many years of India’s independence the Central government is clueless about true status of Hindi in India. It continues to create ambiguity between “national language” and “official language”! The southern states continue to see introduction of Hindi not as something inspired by love for country but something arising of politics of language! That makes it obvious that foreign scholars like Dr Genady Shlomper might be a source of inspiration to embrace Hindi in a substantive way, the will to respect Hindi has to come from Indians alone. Indians alone need to develop an atmosphere conductive for growth of Hindi in significant way both in Indian landscape and in foreign lands.


  • A Brief Meeting With Dr. Genady Shlomper- Hindi Instructor In Israel!

    Dr. Genady Shlomper came to Allahabad both as a tourist and as a person with purpose! He was here to attend a function organized to mark Hindi Divas on September 14. I could not be part of this function since I had to attend another event organized in a different city. As a result of that I could not meet the professor at this event, but next day I got an opportunity to meet him. It was a hurried affair since he was about to leave for Ayodhya. Anyway, it did not deter me from asking some interesting questions. Interestingly, it was a memorable experience to seek an appointment with a foreigner in my own language. The few minutes of talk over telephone in Hindi to fix time for the meeting was an unique experience.

    This time too when I met someone from foreign land I noticed remarkable simplicity. Right in the beginning he confessed that he is no big guy! True, he might not be a celebrity but you need not to be a celebrity to enjoy a dignified stature! Speaking about his love for Hindi he stated that there was no emotional reason to learn Hindi. He embraced this language because he found it to be useful in scheme of things about to unfold in future. The market is growing and more and more job opportunities get concentrated in Asian countries. Therefore, it’s always going to be beneficial to learn Asian language instead of learning European language! It appears “Capitalism” has proved to be lifeline for Asian languages languishing under weight of English!

    Speaking about the influence of Hindi in Israel he said that it’s not very commonplace to notice Hindi speaking person there. However, in modern times there is always a greater space for assimilation of newer ideas from other nations and people in Israel are not hesitant to fall in love with Hindi! On a different note, speaking about the specialties of Allahabad, he said that he found nothing fascinating about it! The only striking thing about this city was confluence of three rivers at Sangam area! Hearing this I was but compelled to ponder about one of the ills of globalization: That it’s fast making cities across the globe to lose their uniqueness! All cities are simply becoming clone of each other!

    This brief meeting ended in few minutes but it gave rise to so many ideas as food for thought. That’s the plus point of being in company of academicians!

    P.S. :- Dr. Genady Shlomper is a Hindi Instructor at Tel Aviv University, Israel.

  • That’s Strongest Example Of Divine Justice!

    It’s the strongest evidence of divine justice that people of Jammu & Kashmir are today on the mercy of Indian Army! When they are being chased by death in form of threatening flood waters, it’s not the separatist forces, sponsored by Pakistan, which have come to their rescue. One can also not trace so-called progressive people and International Human Rights Commission who always condemned the role of India Army in J & K.

    Today, in times of crisis, all we notice are efforts of Indian Army involved in rescue operation in the state. Where is Arundhati Roy who leaves no stone unturned to blame Indian Army? Her scathing attack on Indian Army, usually figment of imagination, is used by the foreign press to give rise to anti-Indian sentiments across the globe!

    Hats off to divine spirit exhibited by the Indian Army! It’s time to salute their indomitable courage and unbiased stance. It’s also time to hate the cowardice of people who entered in malicious campaign against Indian Army.



    "Jammu & Kashmir floods: Thousands still stranded in Srinagar, rescue operations intensify"-


  • Words Of Aurobindo Ghosh And Poetry Of Neeraj Besides Sanskrit Verses On India’s Glory!

    The views expressed herein unfold Sri Aurobindo’s methadology to deal with huge challenges India was going to face in post-Independence era. Sri aurobindo conveyed these views between 1910-1922 in Arya- an English monthly published by Sri Aurobindo.


    “How shall we recover our lost intellectual freedom and elasticity? By reversing, for a time at least, the process by which we lost it, by liberating our minds in all subjects from the thraldom to authority. That is not what reformers and the Anglicised require of us. They ask us, indeed, to abandon authority, to revolt against custom and superstition, to have free and enlightened minds. But they mean by these sounding recommendations that we should renounce the authority of Sayana for the authority of Max Muller, the Monism of Shankara for the Monism of Haeckel, the written Shastra for the unwritten law of European social opinion, the dogmatism of Brahmin Pandits for the dogmatism of European scientists, thinkers and scholars. Such a foolish exchange of servitude can receive the assent of no self-respecting mind. Let us break our chains, venerable as they are, but let it be in order to be free, in the name of truth, not in the name of Europe. It would be a poor bargain to exchange our old Indian illuminations, however dark they may have grown to us, for a derivative European enlightenment or replace the superstitions of popular Hinduism by the superstitions of materialistic Science.”

    “Our first necessity, if India is to survive and do her appointed work in the world, is that the youth of India should learn to think, to think on all subjects, to think independently, fruitfully, going to the heart of things, not stopped by their surface, free of prejudgments, shearing sophism and prejudice asunder as with a sharp sword, smiting down obscurantism of all kinds as with the mace of Bhima….”

    “Let us not, either, select at random, make a nameless hotchpotch and then triumphantly call it the assimilation of East and West. We must begin by accepting nothing on trust from any source whatsoever, by questioning everything and forming our own conclusions. We need not fear that we shall by that process cease to be Indians or fall into the danger of abandoning Hinduism. India can never cease to be India or Hinduism to be Hinduism, if we really think for ourselves. It is only if we allow Europe to think for us that India is in danger of becoming an ill-executed and foolish copy of Europe…. We must … take our stand on that which is true and lasting. But in order to find out what in our conceptions is true and lasting, we must question all alike rigorously and impartially. The necessity of such a process not for India, but for all humanity has been recognised by leading European thinkers. It was what Carlyle meant when he spoke of swallowing all formulas. It was the process by which Goethe helped to reinvigorate European thinking. But … Europe has for some time ceased to produce original thinkers, though it still produces original mechanicians…. China, Japan and the Mussulman states are sliding into a blind European imitativeness. In India alone there is self-contained, dormant, the energy and the invincible spiritual individuality which can yet arise and break her own and the world’s fetters.”




    These beautiful verses in Sanskrit unfold glory of India’s past. They make you aware of great souls who made their presence felt on this great divine land. The verses also let you know about beautiful places, rivers and mountains which make this part of the world a poetry carved on planet earth. I first noticed these verses on page of Sri Vijay Krishna Pandey.


    ॐ नमः सच्चिदानंदरूपाय परमात्मने
    ज्योतिर्मयस्वरूपाय विश्वमांगल्यमूर्तये॥१॥

    प्रकृतिः पंचभूतानि ग्रहलोकस्वरास्तथा
    दिशः कालश्च सर्वेषां सदा कुर्वंतु मंगलम्‌॥२॥

    रत्नाकराधौतपदां हिमालयकिरीटिनीम्‌
    ब्रह्मराजर्षिरत्नाढ्याम् वन्दे भारतमातरम्‌ ॥३॥

    महेंद्रो मलयः सह्यो देवतात्मा हिमालयः
    ध्येयो रैवतको विन्ध्यो गिरिश्चारावलिस्तथा ॥४॥

    गंगा सरस्वती सिंधु ब्रह्मपुत्राश्च गंदकी
    कावेरी यमुना रेवा कृष्णा गोदा महानदी ॥५॥

    अयोध्या मथुरा माया काशी कांची अवंतिका
    वैशाली द्वारका ध्येया पुरी तक्शशिला गया ॥६॥

    प्रयागः पाटलीपुत्रं विजयानगरं महत्‌
    इंद्रप्रस्थं सोमनाथस्तथामृतसरः प्रियम्‌॥७॥

    चतुर्वेदाः पुराणानि सर्वोपनिषदस्तथा
    रामायणं भारतं च गीता षड्दर्शनानि च ॥८॥

    जैनागमास्त्रिपिटकः गुरुग्रन्थः सतां गिरः
    एष ज्ञाननिधिः श्रेष्ठः श्रद्धेयो हृदि सर्वदा॥९॥

    अरुन्धत्यनसूय च सावित्री जानकी सती
    द्रौपदी कन्नगे गार्गी मीरा दुर्गावती तथा ॥१०॥

    लक्ष्मी अहल्या चन्नम्मा रुद्रमाम्बा सुविक्रमा
    निवेदिता सारदा च प्रणम्य मातृ देवताः ॥११॥

    श्री रामो भरतः कृष्णो भीष्मो धर्मस्तथार्जुनः
    मार्कंडेयो हरिश्चन्द्र प्रह्लादो नारदो ध्रुवः ॥१२॥

    हनुमान्‌ जनको व्यासो वसिष्ठश्च शुको बलिः
    दधीचि विश्वकर्माणौ पृथु वाल्मीकि भार्गवः ॥१३॥

    भगीरथश्चैकलव्यो मनुर्धन्वन्तरिस्तथा
    शिबिश्च रन्तिदेवश्च पुराणोद्गीतकीर्तयः ॥१४॥

    बुद्ध जिनेन्द्र गोरक्शः पाणिनिश्च पतंजलिः
    शंकरो मध्व निंबार्कौ श्री रामानुज वल्लभौ ॥१५॥

    झूलेलालोथ चैतन्यः तिरुवल्लुवरस्तथा
    नायन्मारालवाराश्च कंबश्च बसवेश्वरः ॥१६॥

    देवलो रविदासश्च कबीरो गुरु नानकः
    नरसी तुलसीदासो दशमेषो दृढव्रतः ॥१७॥

    श्रीमच्छङ्करदेवश्च बंधू सायन माधवौ
    ज्ञानेश्वरस्तुकाराम रामदासः पुरन्दरः ॥१८॥

    बिरसा सहजानन्दो रमानन्दस्तथा महान्‌
    वितरन्तु सदैवैते दैवीं षड्गुणसंपदम्‌ ॥१९॥

    रविवर्मा भातखंडे भाग्यचन्द्रः स भोपतिः
    कलावंतश्च विख्याताः स्मरणीया निरंतरम्‌ ॥२०॥

    भरतर्षिः कालिदासः श्रीभोजो जनकस्तथा
    सूरदासस्त्यागराजो रसखानश्च सत्कविः ॥२१॥

    अगस्त्यः कंबु कौन्डिण्यौ राजेन्द्रश्चोल वंशजः
    अशोकः पुश्य मित्रश्च खारवेलः सुनीतिमान्‌ ॥२२॥

    चाणक्य चन्द्रगुप्तौ च विक्रमः शालिवाहनः
    समुद्रगुप्तः श्रीहर्षः शैलेंद्रो बप्परावलः ॥२३॥

    लाचिद्भास्कर वर्मा च यशोधर्मा च हूणजित्‌
    श्रीकृष्णदेवरायश्च ललितादित्य उद्बलः ॥२४॥

    मुसुनूरिनायकौ तौ प्रतापः शिव भूपतिः
    रणजितसिंह इत्येते वीरा विख्यात विक्रमाः ॥२५॥

    वैज्ञानिकाश्च कपिलः कणादः शुश्रुतस्तथा
    चरको भास्कराचार्यो वराहमिहिर सुधीः ॥२६॥

    नागार्जुन भरद्वाज आर्यभट्टो वसुर्बुधः
    ध्येयो वेंकट रामश्च विज्ञा रामानुजायः ॥२७॥

    रामकृष्णो दयानंदो रवींद्रो राममोहनः
    रामतीर्थोऽरविंदश्च विवेकानंद उद्यशः ॥२८॥

    दादाभाई गोपबंधुः टिळको गांधी रादृताः
    रमणो मालवीयश्च श्री सुब्रमण्य भारती ॥२९॥

    सुभाषः प्रणवानंदः क्रांतिवीरो विनायकः
    ठक्करो भीमरावश्च फुले नारायणो गुरुः ॥३०॥

    संघशक्ति प्रणेतारौ केशवो माधवस्तथा
    स्मरणीय सदैवैते नवचैतन्यदायकाः ॥३१॥

    अनुक्ता ये भक्ताः प्रभुचरण संसक्तहृदयाः
    अविज्ञाता वीरा अधिसमरमुद्ध्वस्तरि पवः
    समाजोद्धर्तारः सुहितकर विज्ञान निपुणाः
    नमस्तेभ्यो भूयात्सकल सुजनेभ्यः प्रतिदिनम्‌ ॥ ३२॥

    इदमेकात्मता स्तोत्रं श्रद्धया यः सदा पठेत्‌
    स राष्ट्रधर्म निष्ठावानखंडं भारतं स्मरेत्‌ ॥३३॥

    जयति पुण्य सनातन संस्कृति…जयति पुण्य भूमि भारत…
    सदा सुमंगल…वंदेमातरम…..
    जय श्री राम



    These verses in Hindi written by famous poet Neearj unfold the charishma of feeling called love!


    जब तक आँसू साथ रहेंगे,
    मुझको याद किया जायेगा;
    जहाँ प्रेम की चर्चा होगी,
    मेरा नाम लिया जायेगा ।
    जब भी कोई सपना टूटा,
    मेरी आँख वहाँ बरसी है;
    तड़पा हूँ मैं जब भी कोई,
    मछ्ली पानी को तरसी है ।
    गीत दर्द का पहला बेटा,
    दुःख है उसका खेल खिलौना
    कविता तब मीरा होगी,
    जब हँस कर ज़हर पिया जायेगा ।
    जहाँ प्रेम की चर्चा होगी,
    मेरा नाम लिया जायेगा ।

    -By Neeraj


  • When I Be Absent In This World ( Mystical Love Poem )

    Let’s venture out to quiet place
    Where time has come to standstill
    Where moments love to freeze
    And at such a place
    Sitting under shade of each other’s soul
    Ponder about those days
    When we be missing from this world
    And yet life’s beauty be prevailing around
    In all its majestic grandeur
    And such an introspection
    Would add a new dimension
    In our existence
    In our collective silence
    Conceived as your silence merged with mine
    That annihilated our beingness
    And as that happened
    We kept coming close
    To the realm of Absolute
    Which steadily and slowly
    Kept moving towards us
    Silently embracing our collective silence
    The separation vanished altogether
    And prevailed absolute oneness
    Untouched by impermanence
    Gaining entry into realm
    Where oneness gets wedded to totality
    In light of incessant togetherness.


    Hindi Version Of This Poem:


    *एक दिन जब हम नहीं होंगे ( रहस्यवादी प्रेम कविता )**


    आओ चले हम उस जहाँ में
    जहा वक्त रुका रुका सा हो
    थमा थमा सा हो
    वहा बैठे हुए एक दूसरे के साये तले
    फिर ये सोचे उन दिनों क्या होगा
    जब हम तो नहीं होंगे
    पर ये हसींन नज़ारे तब भी होंगे
    और यूँ दे अपने अस्तित्व को नए मायने
    उस मौन में जो तेरे और मेरे
    मौन से मिलकर बना हो
    जिसमे हम धीमे धीमे घुलते जाए
    साथ ही समाते जाए उस परम मौन में
    जो लम्हा लम्हा हमारे पास खिसकता रहा
    चोरी चोरी से चुपके चुपके से
    और निगलता रहा दोनों के एक हुए मौन को
    मिल गया हमारा मौन उस परम मौन से
    मिट गाये सारे भेद
    और अपना एकत्व
    अनित्य के दायरे से दूर
    अखंड हो गया
    पूर्ण हो गया।


  • Learn To Embrace Sex And Sexuality In A Positive Way

    ( First Published In Spring & Summer Edition Of Aavartan, 2014. It’s A Research Journal Published From Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh)

    India is melting pot of most beautiful philosophies. On one hand we have lofty themes embedded in Advaitic domain, which expand our limited consciousness, and on the other, we have principles related with Kama, explored beautifully in Vatsayana’s Kama Sutra. However, having said that, I must say we have strayed away from these concepts, leading to disturbed living patterns at various level of human existence. Neither we have been able to act as Grihastha (householder) nor able to emerge as a perfect Yogi. At this point, it’s better to stick to distortions that have trespassed into healthy sexual beliefs.

    One should not forget that sex is a powerful force, which can even shake the beliefs of yogis lost in deep meditation. The stories of Indra sending Apsaras to distract the sages are quite well known- a fact which mythological TV serials have cashed-in so well! Osho comes to describe the impact of sexual power in his inimitable style. He says, “Ninety percent of our thinking is sexual. Whatsoever you are doing outside, inside sex is a constant concern – you may not even be aware of it. You are sitting in a room and a woman enters: your posture changes suddenly. Your spine is more erect, your breathing changes, your blood pressure is different. You may not be aware at all of what has happened, but your whole body has reacted sexually. You were a different person when the woman was not there; now again you are a different person.”

    That’s being the case, it’s really baffling average human being has been taught to remain in denial mode about it. Now that’s not only strange but also a dangerous state of affair. It leads to unhealthy suppression of one of the most basic instincts. Why do we forget that such unhealthy denial would prove suicidal for the greater good of human society? It would only lead to negative manifestation of sexual energies. Worse, self-proclaimed Gurus in field of spirituality have created huge mess by proclaiming that sexual beliefs are obstacle in attainment of realization. Kama has been portrayed as villain. That’s not true. Had it been villain, it would not have attained a dignified position as one of the aims associated with Purusartha (aims considered vital for human existence). The truth is not what these commercial Gurus are preaching. What we need to remember is that sex need to be enjoyed but not at the cost of cherished human values. It needs to be honoured but in a dignified way.

    So now we come to an altogether different aspect. We are living in age of technological boom. Sexting is so common, pornographic materials are available at one click and women and men are now being hailed progressive in such matters, but still an enlightened understanding is missing. Mind you, bundle of information cannot ensure a conscious approach. We need a proper mindset, a proper approach to develop a mature understanding in this regard. This “mature understanding” is something which has not made its presence felt. It’s not going to come through titillating advertisement, wherein particular flavour of condom is being preferred. Nor it can be achieved by witnessing gyrating bodies in Bollywood movies. Most of the henious crimes we are witnessing have some sexual misconception as their primary cause. Imagine infants are being raped and even older women are also being raped! Rapes are not only about man exerting his power over woman in wrong way as preached by feminists, but it’s more about sexual miseducation.

    Jeremy Seabrook, a prominent British author, expressing his concerns about sexual miseducation rightly states that “if it’s true that silence over sexuality risks blighting lives, it is certain that leaving instructions of the young in sexual matters to the free market is a disaster…..It is clear that new forms of ignorance can be conjured out of the very knowingness which the newly initiated into the secrets of sex they have gained.” If that sort of so-called knowledge about sex is lethal, one could easily imagine that restrictions imposed by society on having access to fulfillment of sexual desires would be cause of greater sorrow. That’s because digital era has made transfer of sexual knowledge and explicit images a very commonplace affair. So if you are not proving it smooth outlet, you are simply creating world of perverts. It’s hard to imagine how can tough laws ensure prevention of sex-related crimes? They can act as deterrent, leading to lesser number of crimes, but they cannot eliminate the desire.

    Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita unfolds this dilemma more succinctly: “Because of the destructive idea propounded by some spiritual traditions, that spiritual fulfillment is only possible if one denies sex, there is a great lack of any kind of intelligent sexual education. And because our species’ survival depends on sex, of course our bodies make it a priority.” The message is loud and clear: Make room for sex in intelligent way. It’s better to channelize our sexual desires in conscious way, but, at the same time, not forsaking principles related with honourable life.

    Ironically, in another arena, the law commission, the courts and law enforcing agencies do not see sex related crimes in wider aspect. They treat it as a sexual offence wherein a man is a “dangerous criminal” and woman the “most helpless victim”. Rape in my eyes is representative of the collective failure of the society! Rape is seen as one of the most heinous crimes, and, indeed, it should be the case. However, does that ensure one accused of such a crime be treated in barbaric manners. In a nation which cares damn about prison reforms, one can imagine that those found guilty of sexual crimes or under-trials are treated in most miserable way. They also conveniently forget that when laws were framed the situations were quite different. The attitude of women was not brazen as it has now become and when one says one is not suggesting that a woman’s modesty needs to be outraged simply because she dared to display bizarre traits. It’s being suggested to merely show the changes that have occurred with the passage of time, wherein vulnerability has increased due to many complex developments which until now were quite unknown to Indian society. Earlier, there was lesser generation of porn movies but now in USA almost 211 porn movies are being made in every week. Needless to state, the Asian countries offer great market. The point which I wish to prove is that in given scenario the way we look at sex and sex related crimes needs to change.

    Sadly, the Indian landscape is marred by contradictions in this regard. It’s open to Reebok shoes, Ray Ban sunglasses and Wrangler Jeans, but it tries hard to ignore the impact of permissiveness, and licentiousness too, these items have unleashed. Why there is so much ambiguity when it comes to having a candid opinion regarding the worth of sex in Indian society? It’s high time we have a proper mindset and clinical approach to deal with sex related crimes. Let’s not treat one guilty of sexual crime merely as “sick pervert” and treated to legal process in most cruel fashion, but subject him to greater reforms which help him emerge as good human being. We have borrowed from West so many lesser aspects, but failed to borrow their methodological approach encircling complex issues. One cannot emerge as good human being by merely highlighting on one’s T-shirt “Being Human” message. One need to go beyond such cosmetic gestures.

    It’s not merely enough that sex education gets introduced. There has to be a greater space for assimilation of sexual beliefs besides channelization of sexual desires. After all, celibacy is abnormal and outdated in both progressive and orthodox societies! For progressive thinkers it’s akin to introduction of Hindutva! Against this backdrop, the only path that remains is to provide space to unleash sexual desires. Is Indian society really prepared for that? However, the harsh truth is that it has no other way left. So let’s have proper sex education; introduce state-of-the-art sex clinics in villages and smaller cities to deal with sexual disorders/sex related diseases, and, above all, improvise the legal mechanism to deal with sex related crimes. It’s still marred by archaic methods. It’s never too late to give way to better ways, ideas and beliefs. Let’s accept the new changes in a wise way before the damage becomes irreparable!

    Spring and Summer Edition In PDF format:


    Jeremy Seabrook: Article Titled "Sexual Miseducation"

    Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita: Paradigm Shift; Nov-Dec.2010

    Osho's Literature

  • Defending Smriti Irani: Rotten Academic Degrees Do Not Define Worth Of Intelligence!

    It’s pathetic that Congress party can go to any extent to embarrass ministers belonging to newly formed NDA government. It has questioned the ability of Smriti Irani to handle HRD department citing her academic credentials. In this regard, it needs to be stated emphatically that intelligence is not limited to rotten degrees alone! Read life sketch of great minds and one would notice that they were dropouts. And as I say so neither I am advocating futility of studying nor I am quashing worth of degrees. I am simply adding a different perspective!! Our former PM Manmohan Singh ji had brilliant academic record and he possessed prestigious degrees offered by foreign universities. However, this general feeling now rules the minds of electorates that his prestigious degrees were of little use as they did no good in solving major issues plaguing the nation. It’s so ironical that Congress members are not aware of the fact that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!

    An interesting conversation in this regard took place on various social media sites. I am posting here views of some of the participants for my readers.

    Rajesh Sharma said:

    Educated lot is more stupid and unrealistic because they are not street smart! Educated people are making more mess in every field. Uneducated lot is involved in corruption in conventional manner which can be traced but ones committed by educated lot involves hi-tech means and thus remains untraceable. Highly educated ministers in previous UPA government like Kapil Sibal, A Raja and others remained hand in glove with controversial forces instead of taking appropriate decisions to serve the interest of nation. They simply viewed the Indian issues from Western perspective! Most of the IIT Graduate are supporting Arvind Kejriwal who introduced a welcome move of distributing tickets to uneducated people belonging to lower echelon of society.

    Suresh Ram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, said:

    Please understand the difference between “Structured Academic Education of West” and “Knowledge imparted by system”. Politics is all about society and people. Guru imparts Knowledge and Professors of premier institutes like IITs, IIMs and AIIMS are academicians only are at the beck and call of Irani only! It is high time educated fools understand that they are fools involved in fooling common man!! It is like fire brigade on way to “Putting down Burning Flames of India” is attempting to sweep the dirt on the road leading to spot. And claim dirt should be removed. Why are you objecting??

    Mra Satish Awaiting Justice, Thane, Maharashtra, said:

    Dr. Shashi Tharoor, though only a Minister of State, performed eggscellently in MEA / HRD etc. in the previous government, looked after cricket and love affairs etc. free for the country, side by side. All the world loves a lover. So maybe he was not booked also for certain matter, in which common man with family taken into immediate custody and harassed. So for higher Cabinet ranked Smriti, it sure can’t be easy, if one compares!

    Hariharan Subramanian, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, said:

    Why not Smriti for HRD? For a minister what is important is decision making at right time and at right place with the help of officials. A minister’s task is to intercept the best idea, which he/she can easily do after entering into consultation with experts.

    Vivek Deveshwar, IITian, Bangalore, Karnataka, said:

    Maybe professors need to join politics and become minister. BTW, IITs are nowhere in global rankings and research output.

    Gursharn Singh, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, said:

    Uneducated lot have the same potential as the educated lot. They have performed well whenever they got an opportunity. It’s time to harness their potential. We should not jump to rash conclusion stating the appointment of Smriti Irani a blunder.

    Sara Chimthanawala, Nagpur, Maharastra, said:

    Education is not only College Degrees, it is the knowledge & wisdom one acquires with the various situations & events in life. I am not saying that college degrees are not necessary, of course they are mandatory, specially in today’s competitive world. History shows that most of the brilliant minds & discoverers etc are not graduates, but they left a mark in the world & a trail for us to follow. Let’s “Think out of box ” as they say & give this lady a chance to prove herself. Let us not sit on judgement even before the goods are delivered, let us keep doing our best & bring glory to our country.

    Sunil Kohli, New Delhi, said:

    Our former PM had so many qualifications but of what use? Bill gates,who is hardly educated, created wonders. What matters is how and how much you deliver. Yes if you don’t deliver then people will find loopholes. Congress did not deliver as expected by people. So people started digging the past of Sonia Gandhi but that was not so when UPA came to power in 2004. Old saying: If company of books makes you educated then librarian would have been the most educated person. Similarly, if degrees could make you perform then Man Mohan Singhji should have been the most successful PM. Therefore, its performance, performance and performance.

    A king had no woman in his cabinet. So he inducted one. One day the cabinet ministers went for boating. Centre of the river the boat capsized. This woman minister ran over water, brought another boat and saved every one. Next day the male members complained to the king “Sir, what type of minister have you inducted in to your cabinet!! She doesn’t even know how to swim.”

    Bhanu Prakash said:

    I think development matters more than entering into debate about being educated or uneducated!

    Yaksh Nigam, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, said:

    I can prove that, educated persons are more dangerous that the uneducated ones. A leader should be good from heart and not only academically good.

    Sanjeev Sharma, Jalandhar, Punjab, said:

    Tell us what should be the qualification of a Defence or Home or Finance or HRD minister? She is quite a capable lady. A good manager need not to be a management graduate.

    Rupesh Masand said:

    As very rightly said, it’s ‘performance’ in the end of the day & educational qualifications don’t seem to influence it. So dear friends, let’s wait and watch Smriti handle the proceedings (though handling IIT & IIM might be a real tough job!!!!), rather being judgmental from Day One.

    Ritesh Kumar Tiwari, Pune, Maharashtra, said:

    Do people belonging to IIT and IIM have more brains?

    Rohan Dharesh, Bangalore, Karnataka, said:

    Formal education is a complete failure and we see this in real life. People who get high ranks fail in real life. Theory and practical is totally different. Indian education system is based on Lord Macaulay’s prescription for slave countries but the Nehruvian constitution has continued with it shamelessly. We need to kick out this system of education that is all about corruption, donations, extortion, marks and passing exams. Today’s textbook theories and postulates have no place in real life. Albert Einstein was a dropout; so were most of the great people. This stands as evidence that western form of education is flawed.

    Manmohan Singh Ji had umpteen degrees and doctorates and the way he would govern was horrible. Every speech of his was written and prepared by his secretaries and his voice was so meek that he himself would hardly be able to hear. His degrees taught him that the poor are responsible for inflation, that money does not grow on trees, that minorities had the first right to natural resources, that history would be kinder to him etc. Manmohan has proved to be the worst PM ever and even the Pakistan PM called him Dehati Aurat!

    If we really believe in independence, then we need to change the education system immediately from the Macaulay slave system of education to that better suited to an independent country. We need to get rid of western concepts of exams, marks, extortion in the name of education. IITs and IIMs need to be reformed and Indianised from the present Westernisation.


  • MNCs Are Real Culprits: Corrupting Sensibilities Of Innocent Buyers By Misrepresentation Of Facts

    MNCs are real culprits: First, for playing havoc with sensibilities of innocent buyers; Second, for brutally misrepresenting facts. They make you feel inferior and then they use the resultant guilt complex to sell soaps, fairness creams, shampoos, deodorants and etc. That’s how they make contribution in growth of a nation. And women are the easy victim in this whole game! Perhaps they never really understand the whole game. Just because MNCs make you available few products in easy way do not absolve them of their gory crimes. After all, it’s they who kept us deliberately in dark about real facts. And instead of true facts brainwashed our minds with wrong ones using ferocious advertising resting on celebrities. I wish to substantiate my views by presenting few examples..

    We have so many natural fruit juices like ones prepared from green mangoes, ones prepared from sugarcane, ones prepared from Bael fruit or ones prepared from lemon but then they made Indian kids/youths to believe that soft drinks like Coke and Pepsi are the best!! And yes, when a girl drinks Coke with a boy it creates more seductive impression! One needs not simple milk but milk mixed with Bournvita which works wonders for kids. Many propagate a false view that these natural product are not available and even if they are available consumers are not aware of it, but I like to let you know what’s happening where these are available and where people know about them. In our villages Neem tree’s branch was best to clean teeth but now children use toothpaste and that too fluoride mixed! Everyone knows excess amount of fluoride is lethal for teeth but MNCs will never let you know that. Village women now use shampoos and they feel shy to use mud of Ganges which I rememberl was used quite frequently in my childhood days!! I mean MNCs have changed the whole mindset. Worse, you find that river banks are fill of wrappers of shampoos, soaps etc..

    The real danger arises from the conditioning that follows once we become addicted to useless products made by the MNCs. Not a long time back Sarees and Salwars were most desired clothes on part of women in our country. Now most women wear jeans despite the fact that medically it’s ominous. Definitely, they ensure availability of necessary things of everyday use in easy way but at what price? Now modern kids prefer fast foods. So isn’t good food available in kitchen? No it’s available but since women have become working ladies, having no time to make food, MNCs used fast food as healthier and tastier food than home-made foods!

    Similarly silicon implants have become order of the day since that makes them more confidant which comes with notion that bigger is beautiful!! Whether or not a woman has values but if she is fair looking, of course, after using certain cream, at least in India, she becomes center of attraction. She not only gets many rich boyfriends but also gets a decent job! And yes, if man is good natured, it means nothing if he has dark colour. So become fair and then every woman will seduce you..And if you own a certain brand of bike or car then that would be much better. What’s the implication? A man with good values and living simply is good for nothing!

    So please meditate over it. It’s not the issue of easy availability and it’s also not about vanity alone. It’s more about demeaning the glory of simplicity and simple life. It’s about distorting our mindset and in turn corrupting our living patterns, corrupting our approach towards life.


    Views Of Two Readers Who Participated In A Conversation On This Issue On One Prominent Social Networking Website:

    Rohan Dharesh, Bangalore, Karnataka, said:

    All cleaning products are available in nature. Mud of a certain type is the best cleaning agent for both the body and utensils. MNCs would never want people to know natural cleaning products and even if they know, they would indulge in propaganda and make product usage by people fashionable. Its like making people believe that Coke and Pepsi is good for health. Many of the world’s movements are also done similarly and with ulterior motives and feminism stands as a fine example. Feminism and the so-called women’s empowerment is a part of this marketing strategy. They want women to ‘feel’ disempowered and oppressed, fight with the men, work and earn money only to be spent on cosmetics and luxuries. I have seen many women refuse to give money to their husbands for running their families. Many others waste their money on beauty products, shopping, shoes, clothes, bags, perfumes, foreign tours and more. Remember all the Miss worlds, Miss universe shows that were held since decades now. In the 1990s, all of a sudden from nowhere, many of the titles went to Indian women. Post-2000, its gone to other countries mostly. This is a marketing trick to make women in India feel attracted towards their products. Every woman since then wants to be a Miss world.

    Carmen Ampuero, Lima, Peru, said:

    I am sure that we could find cleaning products in nature but how many are aware of them? Do people know about such naturally available products? Is it feasible to use them? Are they easily available in various parts of the world, especially within close proximity of their surroundings? I think that led to mass manufacturing of such products in artificial way by the MNCs. Yes, vanity is an important factor in growth of cosmetics. Both the sexes around the world are being “USED” to ensure profit gains for MNCs. By the way, of late, I see more men than women tempted by the desire to use cosmetics.

  • The Politics Of Rape In India

    In early 80s one of the popular Hindi flicks revolved around a sensational theme wherein a girl accused a boy of attempting to rape her when she got caught during the seduction stage. As a result of that false accusation, the boy became victim of deep psychological disorder for lifelong. Similarly, a blockbuster Hindi movie released in early 90s shows the protagonist teaching a fitting lesson to her ladylove, who tries to take a revenge by feigning rape! The protagonist makes her very clear that a lady should not stoop down at this level wherein a sexual offence becomes a weapon to settle personal grudges. Not a long back ago the Supreme Court refused to grant relief to a girl who had feigned rape, which led to trial of two innocent youths. They had to ‘suffer the ignominy’ of being involved in such a serious offence!

    The Supreme Court in his verdict, without mincing words, stated that ‘evil of perjury’ has assumed alarming proportions and, therefore, girl deserves no sympathy for maliciously setting the law in motion. “It was a settled position in law that so far as sexual offences are concerned, sanctity is attached to a victim’s statement and that the evidence of victim alone is sufficient for the purpose of conviction if it is found to be reliable, cogent and credible.” It’s ludicrous that an absurd hue and cry is being made over Mulayam Singh Yadav’s alleged rape remarks. Before entering into interpretation of his remarks, it would not be offensive to state that there are few takers, including myself, of type of caste-ridden politics played by Mulyam Singh Yadav, Lalu Yadav and Mayawati. They are icons of regressive tendencies in Indian politics, who never allowed their followers to truly embrace progressive ideals. That’s the reason why Uttar Pradesh is still struggling hard to emerge as a developed state!

    One needs to be sufficiently cautious while interpreting remarks of Mulyam Singh Yadav. True, his statement “boys…make mistakes” need to be severely condemned as it trivializes the gravity of a serious offence like rape. However, that’s not the only remark he made. One of the flaws committed by Indian and foreign journalists is that they tend to rely more on sensationalism and as a result of that they misquote and misinterpret serious remarks. That’s not only against the spirit of ethics based journalism but such tendencies also lead to volatile situation in various circles of society. I am sure that an ace politician like Mulyam Singh Yadav would have got his intent right when he pointed out a disturbing trend in Indian society, wherein sexual offences have become a tool to serve vested interests.

    The mainstream media eager to cash-in-on the controversial remark failed to highlight the other portion of his speech wherein he stated that “those filing false reports will also be taken to task” so as to stop the misuse of anti-rape law. The mainstream media, controlled by the feminist forces, very shrewdly suppressed this part of the alleged speech. He was demanding a change in anti-rape law not because “boys make mistake” but because its misuse has attained alarming proportions: “Boys and girls fall in love but due to differences they fall apart later on. When their friendship ends, the girl complains she has been raped.” This statement needs to be interpreted in light of scenario prevailing in present day Indian society marred by perverse tendencies even if one has no place for brand of politics played by likes of Mulayam and Mayawati! This time a wrong person has said a right thing. Why are we hell bent to ignore a harsh reality of present age wherein women are not hesitant to put at stake their own dignity if that suits their interests?

    Interestingly, cinema is said to be the mirror of society. The filmmakers were far ahead unlike the lawmakers, having their mindset caught in time-warp, in anticipating the disturbing changes in approach of modern Indian women. Unlike the lawmakers who remained glued to perception of “abla nari” (a woman is too innocent and weak to commit any wrong), the filmmakers were bold enough to depict newer trends emerging among women fraternity (refer to movies like Undertrial, Aitraaz, Corporate and etc.). It’s a very recent phenomenon that Supreme Court has taken cognizance of misuse of dowry laws besides being worried about growing trend of perjury cases while dealing with sexual offences. However, it’s quite ironical and travesty of present day grim tendencies that new anti-rape law has no place for gender-neutral provisions. That’s quite shocking. That means law still believes that only men could be perpetrators! How long are the lawmakers going to behave like ostriches having their heads buried in sand?

    Needless to state that nobody is suggesting, or rather no one wants that people guilty of sexual offences of serious types should remain above stringent punishment. However, at the same time, it’s also pertinent that fair sex involved in unfair practise of misusing laws should not be allowed to get off scot free. At the same time if law makers are truly interested in equity based legal system then their prime task should be to make laws gender neutral. What’s the point in nurturing illusions of medieval ages? They need to take clue from filmmakers, who are at least honest enough to portray real face of Indian society as it is (even if they do so to ensure flow of cash)! And the journalistic circle should better restrain themselves from viewing everything from political angle. That would augur well for the welfare of Indian society. The media should be more governed by truth than by falsehood, confusion, and twisted truth sponsored by the corrupt feminist forces! It’s really pathetic that biased mainstream media is averse to anything remotely serving the cause of men and is quick to nasty interpretations of well-meaning sentiments. And it’s even more sadder to notice that even social media remained concentrated on personal attacks rather than framing a more logical perspective!


  • Is Aadhaar (Unique Identification Number) Too Dangerous?

    The Aadhaar project started with great fanfare, but it’s now on the verge of meeting an untimely death. It became the converging point of great expectations, to an extent that it was hailed as image of “new and modern India”. That’s why it created great chaos among middle classes, which like always, showed vain excitement to have it by hook or by crook, bothering least about the pros and cons of owning unique identity (UID). This project, bearing close resemblance to similar scheme in United Kingdom, was mired in contradictions right from the beginning. On the top of it, continuous conflicting statements from government, regarding its utility, kept the average mass guessing about its actual worth.

    It needs to be informed that several experts in the West have already given enough signals that such project of this type having sensitive data based on biometrics could be used in a wrong way. In fact, they could be used to eliminate and target a large community not serving the interest of people in power. However, in countries like India, where we know how government agencies function, it’s always a great possibility that data could be misused, even if there is no such threat of this magnitude as apprehended by experts in West. It would be interesting to know that similar project in United Kingdom met tough resistance on part of British citizens for many years, which left British government with no other option other than to quash it. A report prepared by London School of Economics made mockery of tall claims made by the government about its significance and it revealed that “biometrics was not a reliable method of de-duplication.”

    However, neither the government nor Nandan Nilekani made Indian citizens aware of such serious flaws inherent in this project. On the contrary, it created tension by giving the impression that not owning it meant losing benefits and subsidies involved in various government run schemes. Ironically, just visit any camp where Aadhaar cards are being prepared and one would be taken aback by the mess which prevails there. It’s hard to believe that government has enough will power (forget about enough infrastructure) to keep the data safe! I am sure ones whose data get stored either in wrong way or with wrong sorts of details would definitely face huge issues in coming days. Even at infrastructure level, the picture that emerges is quite threatening since its budget has increased phenomenally from nearly 32 billion rupees to over 88 billion rupees for coming phases.

    That’s why Supreme Court’s judgement came as a whiff of fresh air. It directed the government not to make it mandatory for Indian citizens, and that it could not be a ground to deny services introduced by government. Above all, it made it clear that details collected by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) would not be shared by it with any other government agency without prior permission of the concerned individual. At this point, it would not be out of place to refer to Social Security Number (SSN) used in USA, which does not compromises with right to privacy. The most shocking thing is that despite strict provisions there to stop identity theft such cases keep happening there leading to huge revenue loss. Now imagine the state of affairs in India where rules can be easily manipulated to benefit the vested interests! Who would guarantee that data protection and privacy would always remain a top priority in India?

    The Supreme Court made this observations in PIL filed by retired Karnataka High Court judge Justice KS Puttaswamy and Maj Gen (retd) SG Vombatkere which dealt with constitutional validity of Aadhaar. As per their counsel even if there was any statute to provide validity to this project, it would still be violation of Fundamental Rights under Articles 14 (right to equality) and 21 (right to life and liberty) of the Constitution. The project facilitating surveillance of individuals was a direct assault on the dignity of any individual. The main arguments rested upon these concerns: “…the (Aadhaar) project is also ultra vires because there is no statutory guidance (a) on who can collect biometric information; (b) on how the information is to be collected; (c) on how the biometric information is to be stored; (d) on how throughout the chain beginning with the acquisition of biometric data to its storage and usage, this data is to be protected; (e) on who can use the data; (f) on when the data can be used.” (As quoted in moneylife)

    In fact, Goa case had already made it clear how could biometric data be used against the interests of any individual. In this case UIDAI had challenged a decision of Goa Bench of Bombay High Court. It had asked it to share biometric data with the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) so that the case involving gang rape of a seven year old girl in Vasco reached to its logical culmination.

    Anyway, the Supreme Court’s decision to not to make it mandatory is enough to make Indian citizens heave a sigh of relief. It’s high time that before government embarks upon sensitive project it needs to take enough measures to ensure its appropriateness, relevance and significance quite well.


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